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Release of Specifications for MADOCA-PPP

National Space Policy Secretariat, Cabinet Office 

Cabinet Office is now developing a new augmentation service named MADOCA-PPP (Multi-GNSS ADvanced Orbit and Clock Augmentation - Precise Point Positioning). This service will realize Precise Point Positioning (PPP) in Asia-Oceania region by providing GNSS augmentation data via QZSS satellites.

The trial service of MADOCA-PPP will start in September 30th, 2022 .

Prior to the start of the trial operation, the draft version of the performance standard (PS-QZSS-MDC) and the user interface specification (IS-QZSS-MDC-001) for the MADOCA-PPP is released.

Reference information related to the Technology Demonstration for Wide-area Ionospheric Corrections Information, which is planned to be implemented after the launch of the QZS-5, is also available.

Upcoming schedule
February 28, 2022 PS-QZSS-MDC draft release
IS-QZSS-MDC-001 release
March, 2022 Merge PS-QZSS-MDC draft into PS-QZSS
August-September, 2022 (Tentative) Test Transmission of via QZSS Satellites
September 30th, 2022 Trial Service(*1) Launch
September, 2023 NAQU Service Launch
April 1st, 2024 Operational Service Launch

(*1)Operational Service is based on the same PS/IS of the trial service so that users can use the receiver continuously. Official version of PS is planned to be released in mid-March, 2022. However, for NAQU (*2), it may take some time for notification until the function is implemented in September 2023.

(*2) NAQUs are announced from the Master Control Station of QZSS to the users to give information of the QZSS status. They include: outage of service, reports of anomaly, forecast of events, etc.