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QZSS Satellite Information


This page provides the information about QZSS satellite property and operational history which need to be known in order to properly implement advanced processing algorithms for precise orbit determination (POD) and precise point positioning (PPP) etc.

The Cabinet Office, Government of Japan ("CAO") provides the satellite property information (SPI) and the operational history information (OHI) as necessary information for improving accuracy of QZSS orbit and clock estimation and so on.
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Satellite Satellite property
Update day Operational history
Update day
QZS-1 SPI-QZS1 [pdf] 2022.3.24 OHI-QZS1 [pdf] [txt]
*Data before 2018/06/30 [pdf]
QZS-2 SPI-QZS2 [pdf] 2019.6.28 OHI-QZS2 [pdf] [txt]
*Data before 2018/06/30 [pdf]
QZS-3 SPI-QZS3 [pdf] 2022.3.24 OHI-QZS3 [pdf] [txt]
*Data before 2018/06/30 [pdf]
QZS-4 SPI-QZS4 [pdf] 2019.6.28 OHI-QZS4 [pdf] [txt]
*Data before 2018/06/30 [pdf]
QZS-1R SPI-QZS1R [pdf] 2022.1.20 OHI-QZS1R [pdf] [txt] 2024.2.26

For inquiries of other information, please contact through the following URL. The further information on QZS satellites is provided to the requestors individually according to the content of the request.