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The Test Transmission of signal authentication data

National Space Policy Secretariat, Cabinet Office 

The Quasi-Zenith Satellite System is working on the development of a "Signal Authentication Service (Navigation Message Authentication)" to provide a mechanism for verifying the authenticity of positioning signals as a countermeasure against spoofing, which has recently been recognized as a necessary countermeasure, and is aiming to launch the service in fiscal 2024. Prior to the launch of the service, we will begin test transmission of signal authentication data as follows.

  • Start of transmission : July 31, 2023
  • Format : In accordance with IS-QZSS-SAS-001_Draft-002
  • Satellites : QZS-2, QZS-3, QZS-4, QZS-1R
  • Signal : L6E
  • Authentication target : GPS、Galileo
                               (QZSS is scheduled for test transmission in February 2024)
  • There will be no impact on existing receivers.
  • The test transmission may be cancelled or interrupted depending on circumstances.