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Trial transmission of the navigation message authentication

National Space Policy Secretariat, Cabinet Office

National Space Policy Secretariat is developing an authentication system for navigation messages in the QZSS signals, as a measure to ensure GNSS security against spoofing. In order to investigate the planned authentication message performance characteristics in actual environment and define some design parameters for system implementation, we will broadcast the test message on the L1C/A of QZS and evaluate its performance.

  • Satellite : QZS1, 2, 3, 4
  • Trial period : After March 11, 2021 to Early April 2021

This test authentication message will be broadcasted in the currently unused ID defined as “Test mode” in Subframe5 of the LNAV message. Please refer to IS-QZSS-PNT-004 Table 4.1.2-2 for more detail.