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Service Comparison

Satellite positioning services that complement GPS are referred to as “point positioning” because they perform positioning via positioning signals only. In point positioning, efforts are made to improve positioning accuracy via ionospheric correction for positioning signals, corrections such as point positioning Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM), and the correction of dual frequencies in which multiple signals of different frequencies are received at the same time. In addition, point positioning—compared to positioning that utilizes GPS only—includes QZSS, so it offers an increased number of satellites from which information can be received. In this way, accuracy is improved.

With sub-meter level augmentation, positioning is performed by utilizing augmentation information that can be used to reduce errors, including ionospheric information. This results in improved precision.

Moreover, centimeter level augmentation offers more accurate positioning through augmentation information for grasping the most correct current positions according to GNSS-based control station data.