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Satellite Report for Disaster and Crisis Management (DC Report)

In this service, organizations for disaster prevention use Quasi-Zenith Satellites (QZS) to transmit disaster-related information, such as about earthquakes and tsunamis; and the status of issuance of relevant instructions, such as evacuation orders.

Designed to deliver messages, such as those relating to disaster information, to users. This service can be used on L1S-compatible terminals. L1S signals have the same frequency and waveform as L1C/A signals from GPS and QZS, which are generally used in satellite positioning. This helps keep receiver costs down.

DC Reports will be sent at intervals as little as four seconds. With mobile devices for which batteries are a concern, for instance, it will be possible to receive these reports by operating positioning receivers for just four seconds every minute. For the immediate future, the plan is to create an environment in which the same type of information can also be obtained via aboveground telecommunication lines, such as information provision via social networking services. For that reason, a service that is similar to the DC Report will also be available on mobile devices by following social media accounts.

The installation of QZS receivers will be encouraged on outdoor facilities that are connected to power sources, such as street lights, traffic lights, and vending machines. In this way, evacuation information can be broadcast from outdoor speakers when a disaster occurs. This will allow information to be conveyed promptly to people who are away from home without many possessions (such as while swimming in the ocean or during marathons), people who do not own mobile phones, or people whose mobile phones are out of service during times of disaster.

In addition, the installation of QZS receivers will be encouraged near windows and balconies where satellites are visible in locations that require mobile phones be turned off, such as schools, hospitals, and libraries. In this way, DC Reports and other information will be shared promptly.

DC Reports can also be received in Southeast Asia and Oceanic regions. At present, the plan is to send information about distant earthquakes, tsunamis in the northwest Pacific Ocean, and maritime alarms released by the Meteorological Agency.

Satellite Report for Disaster and Crisis Management (DC Report)

Satellite Report for Disaster and Crisis Management (DC Report)