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Trimble ICM SMT 360 (GNSS timing module)

Trimble ICM SMT 360の商品画像

・Product name: ICM SMT 360
・Manufacturer: Trimble (Japanese distributor: SANKO SEMICONDUCTOR CO., LTD.)
・Supported signals: L1C/A

・Product overview:
This timing module is designed to work in the most demanding weak signal environments, including femtocells (wireless communication area with a radius of dozens of meters or less, used for ultra-small cellular base stations, etc.) and in-building systems. It supports the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (Michibiki). With its robust performance in low signal environments, users can save on cabling and externally mounted antennas. It outputs a precise one pulse-per-second (1PPS) and 10 MHz frequency and also allows for custom frequencies for mass production. It features a Time-Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (T-RAIM) algorithm, automatic self-survey, and GNSS disciplining of the oscillator to provide an accurate frequency reference. It can be loaded directly onto the application board. A Starter Kit is also available for evaluation, including a carrier board, AC/DC power converter, antenna, USB interface cable, etc.

・Manufacturer website:

Image provided by: SANKO SEMICONDUCTOR CO., LTD.