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iP-Solutions SimCeiver (simulator)


・Product name: SimCeiver
・Manufacturer: iP-Solutions
・Supported signals: L1C/A, L2C
・Release date: March 2016

・Product overview:
SimCeiver is a multi-frequency, multi-system GNSS simulator for GNSS-related equipment development, testing, and education. This simulator can produce signals that support the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (Michibiki) and GPS (L1C/A and L2C), Galileo (E1), GLONASS (L1 and L2), and BeiDou (B1) in real time. It is also equipped with recording, playback, and analysis functions for many GNSS signals. It uses some algorithms jointly developed with JAXA and is a JAXA COSMODE brand product.

・Manufacturer website:

Image provided by: iP-Solutions.