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QZSS Antenna Patterns


This page describes the technical characteristics of the antenna patterns on QZSS satellites for Space Service Volume (SSV), based on its design specifications and ground test measurements of the antenna patterns. The posting of this information does not construe, in any manner, an endorsement of any company product or views. First of all, please see the PDF description as follows.

QZSS Antenna Patterns (Aug.10.2023 / PDF:1.68MB)
Satellite Antenna pattern information Update day
QZS-1R QZS-1R_ANT_Pattern [XLS:0.09MB] 2023.8.10
QZS-2 QZS-02_ANT_Pattern [XLS:0.14MB] 2023.8.10
QZS-3 QZS-03_ANT_Pattern [XLS:0.11MB] 2023.8.10
QZS-4 QZS-04_ANT_Pattern [XLS:0.13MB] 2023.8.10
QZS-5 QZS-05_ANT_Pattern [XLS:2.05MB] 2023.8.10
QZS-6 QZS-06_ANT_Pattern [XLS:2.61MB] 2023.8.10
QZS-7 QZS-07_ANT_Pattern [XLS:2.65MB] 2023.8.10

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