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Transmission Signals

Signal name QZS-1 QZS-2 to QZS-4 Transmission service Center frequency
Block IQ Block IIQ Block IIG
Quasi zenith satellite orbit (QZO) Quasi zenith satellite orbit (QZO) Geostationary orbit (GEO)
One satellite Two satellites One satellite
L1C/A Satellite positioning service 1575.42MHz
L1C Satellite positioning service
L1S Sub-meter Level Augmentation Service (SLAS)
Satellite Report for Disaster and Crisis Management (DC Report)
L1Sb - -
Will be transmitted from around 2020
SBAS Transmission Service
L2C Satellite positioning service 1227.60MHz
L5 Satellite positioning service 1176.45MHz
L5S - Positioning Technology Verification Service
L6 Centimeter Level Augmentation Service (CLAS) 1278.75MHz
S-band - - QZSS Safety Confirmation Service 2GHz band