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Performance Standard (PS-QZSS) and Interface Specification (IS-QZSS)

  Performance Standard Interface Specification
Satellite Positioning, Navigation and Timing Service PS-QZSS-001
(Draft, August 31, 2018
/ PDF: 1449KB)
(January 29, 2018
/ PDF: 3963KB)
Sub-meter Level Augmentation Service (SLAS) IS-QZSS-L1S-002
(April 13, 2018
/ PDF: 851KB)
Centimeter Level Augmentation Service (CLAS) IS-QZSS-L6-001
(Draft, August 31, 2018
/ PDF: 1492KB)
Satellite Report for Disaster and Crisis Management (DC Report) IS-QZSS-DCR-002
(June 25, 2018
/ PDF: 4136KB)
Positioning Technology Verification Service IS-QZSS-TV-001
(April 13, 2018
/ PDF: 599KB)
  Service Level
Centimeter Level
Augmentation Service
for Experiment
(Draft, March 28, 2017
/ PDF: 253KB)
This document defines reference information
such as service area and accuracy
in the Centimeter Level Augmentation Service for Experiment.
For information about the data formats currently available for
the CLAS (technology validation), refer to the
“Data Format Specification” on the Global Positioning
Augmentation Service (GPAS) Corporation website.  * Under “SERVICE”