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Data provision service

With this service, business operators in fields such as mobile phones, public wireless LAN, and roadside communication can connect to the master control station and send the following information to their users.

L1S/L6 data provision service

Augmentation information sent from Quasi-Zenith Satellites (QZS) cannot be used without an environment for receiving L1S and L6 signals. Regarding L1S and L6 data, the same information as satellite transmission is provided via ground lines to business operators.
It is expected that this will lead to broader usage. For example, QZS augmentation information can be utilized even on mobile devices for which batteries are an issue.

*Notice on the cancellation of the orbit time forecast provision service

The transmission of orbit time forecasts (OTF) was under consideration to reduce Time to First Fix (TTFF). However, the advantages of OTF cannot be clearly indicated due to the popularity of GPS assist data on mobile phones and smartphones, and from the viewpoint of embedded device computational resources and power consumption. Therefore, OTF information transmission has been cancelled. We kindly ask for the understanding of all users regarding this matter.