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[Movie] The past and future of QZSS

Introduces the QZSS roadmap, with the aim of establishing a four-satellite constellation in FY2018 and a seven-satellite constellation in the future.

[The past and future of QZSS]
QZS-1, the first QZS, was launched in September 2010. Afterwards the decision was made to develop three additional satellites, which will be launched from FY2016 to FY2017.
[QZS-1 QZS-2 QZS-3 QZS-4]

When QZSS becomes a four-satellite constellation in FY2018, the satellite positioning service environment will be drastically advanced.
Great interest is directed at QZSS in many fields, including complex urban areas and increasingly advanced business. The number of satellites must be increased to improve accuracy and provide more stable services.

A seven-satellite constellation is to be achieve stable positioning even in regions such as urban areas.
Starting from 2023, QZSS will be expanded to help create a more convenient and secure society.
[Establishment of a seven-satellite constellation]