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[Movie] Why is QZSS necessary?

Introduces an overview of QZSS, GPS-related issues, and how these issues are resolved by QZSS.

[Why is QZSS necessary?]
Satellite positioning systems support navigation systems on cars, smartphones, and other devices. Satellite positioning systems calculate your distance from a satellite based on how long it takes satellite signals transmitted from GPS or other positioning satellites to arrive.
[Satellite signals received from positioning satellites]
[Distance is calculated based on the time required until arrival]

According to your distance from positioning satellites, the system indicates your current position.
[Using GPS]

However, there are various issues related to the current GPS, which have limited positioning stability and accuracy. In the future it will be essential to resolve these issues to offer a wide range of services that utilize position information.
[Limited positioning stability and accuracy]

QZSS, which was developed in Japan, can resolve GPS issues of this sort.

QZS are on a figure eight-shaped orbit and are compatible with GPS, resulting in accuracy and stability that cannot be accomplished with GPS alone.
[GPS satellite]
[Compatible with GPS]
[You will arrive at your destination in 30 seconds]
[Achieves accuracy and stability]

In this way the usage of services, including navigation systems on smartphones and cars, will become more stable.
[More stable positioning services]